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March 2011

An Important Message from Hudson’s Funeral Home 

For many years, our funeral home has been proud to serve the families of Lander and the surrounding area, including Fort Washakie, Ethete, and Arapahoe, WY. We strive to offer dignified, personal, and affordable funeral service - whether simple or elaborate – and whenever possible, in accordance with every family’s beliefs and wishes. We serve individuals and families of all faiths and cultures, and we understand that death transcends all of our earthly trappings, such as status, race and age. 

We encourage families to participate in creating personal, meaningful, and unique funeral experiences. At the same time, we understand the depth of human emotion and the profound grief that often accompanies the loss of a loved one. We also know there are sometimes circumstances surrounding a loved one’s death that are difficult, such as time, distance, or unexpected tragedy. As funeral directors, professionally licensed and formally trained, we are here to guide and assist families through what can often seem like an overwhelming experience. 

In recent years, funeral service has undergone many changes – just as the world around us has changed. Families are once again embracing the options and services that have always been available to them…home funerals, natural burial, self-directed services. Our funeral home, now and as in the past, is here to guide and serve. We realize you may have questions about funeral service and the options available to you. Some of the most common questions and answers are listed below: 

1) Can we conduct our own funeral? 

Yes, and families have chosen that option. While some have found that to be the right choice for them, we must also say that some of those families have expressed regret in doing so. At a most difficult time, there can be many, many details to coordinate. Death certificates, transit permits, and obituaries are only a few items to consider. Well-meaning friends, event planners, and even funeral ‘coordinators’ are often not fully prepared for the complexities that can occur before a death, at the time of death, throughout the funeral, and after the funeral. This is one of the most important reasons we serve, and is why we believe professional licensure as funeral directors is so important for families. 

2) Is embalming required? 

In some instances, it is not. Our General Price List has always clearly stated that fact. In other instances, it may be required in accordance with state law. At Hudson’s Funeral Home, we make every effort to ensure the family’s wishes are carried out regarding embalming. Under no circumstance, however, will we jeopardize our license or our reputation by failure to comply with state law. 

3) Why embalm? Isn’t it bad for the environment? 

Embalming is a procedure that above all else, allows families time to make decisions and plan for meaningful rituals and ceremonies to remember and celebrate a life lived. As with all living organisms, our bodies begin the natural process of decomposition the moment we die. Generations ago, funeral service and the process of embalming evolved in order to help families address the issues that arise when a body dies. At the time, the products used were limited to what was available. Research is varied, but generally indicates the greatest danger involving the use of embalming chemicals is actually to the embalmer. By the time an embalmed body is buried in the ground, some studies show that levels of chemicals used today have been broken down into carbon, oxygen, and water. 

That said, new technology to develop even safer products and recent focus to allow individuals and families more natural options are changing our profession once again. Safe, effective, non-toxic, and non-hazardous eco-balming products derived from plants and essential oils are now available for those who prefer home funerals, natural burial and/or the opportunity for delayed or extended viewing and ceremony. 

4) Do we have to buy our casket from the funeral home? 

No. You have the freedom to provide your own casket. In doing so, however, we urge families to be fully aware of the casket or container they are purchasing. Is it well-built and suitable for maintaining the security and dignity of your loved one? Does the builder or manufacturer stand behind their product in the event of failure or malfunction? If you are providing your own casket, we require your signature on a form releasing the funeral home of any liability relating to the possible failure or defect of the product. 

Hudson’s Funeral Home offers caskets and containers that meet or exceed standard requirements. We have a wide range of products, including a selection of several wood caskets (Pendleton interiors available in some models), or woven willow caskets that are perfectly suited for natural burial. Our reputation relies upon the strength of the service and merchandise we provide to families. We research and offer the best products as a convenience to those we serve. 

5) Why should we use a funeral home or a funeral director? 

Reputable funeral homes and professionally licensed funeral directors exist in order to help families – all families – honor the lives of their loved ones in ways that are important and meaningful to them. Unless we are bound by laws that exist to protect others or the environment, it is our mission to serve families in the manner they choose. We encourage family members to become involved in the process, and we serve to the extent that families invite us to serve. 

It is true that we are a business. Like any other business - even those who profess to offer similar services without the investment of professional education, licensure, facilities, and a full selection of merchandise – there are costs associated with the services we provide. Our prices are fair and in keeping with the options we strive to offer the families who we are humbled to serve. We provide a facility for your use should you desire, we have a knowledgeable and reputable staff to assist you, and we are conveniently located in Lander to serve you. 

In closing, please know that we are grateful to be your funeral home. We value your trust and respect and we will always work to honor the culture and traditions that are important to you.



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